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How can God use your talents?

Companion Chapel has a podcast that Michael does daily.  You can get to the podcast through Google and entering Companion Chapel Podcast.  Listen through your favorite listening site like Spotify or Apple.


Of course every Church is in needs of funds.  We are a Federal Non-Profit that uses every dollar to spread God's word.  We need help organizing fundraising.  Please help or donate!


Michael can preach God's Word.  The Companion Chapel was formed so that everyone can worship anytime and anywhere.  Learn the Bible and Worship with us.


Help us to spread the word of God.  Michael is a blessed teacher but we need help to get him recognized.  We pray for like minded Christians who can tell everyone about Companion Chapel.


We have access to online events plus we have a 77 acre farm for fellowship, prayer, and building a Christian Community.  Help us to organize events. All ideas would be welcome.


We are always looking for talented Christians who can help with podcasts, blogs, Youtube channel, social media sites, video and sound, and all other common (eg. print ads) or technical related platforms.