COMPANION CHAPEL Worldwide Ministry

         Revelation 21:4 

         And God shall wipe

         away all tears;

Companion Chapel is a church that believes in God, and loves all people.

Overcomer's are promised to be pillars in the Temple of God in the paradise of God.  This is a blessing of an inner peace beyond our present comprehension.  A peace through understanding.  Join us with a guarantee of Biblical literacy. 

Bible Study dates and times listed below.

We are all a Family

The Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry welcomes everyone in search of God's truth.  You are part of God's Plan.  You are here and you are being called by God, please study with us from the New King James version Bible to strengthen your understanding of the Word and connection with God.

We teach with careful reference to the oldest Manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible that contain the Massorah.


We are building a Church and Christian community on 77 acres of land in Paisley Ontario.  We thank those who have donate and God will bless you because of it.  If you can help in any way, donations of money or building materials, labour, skilled trades to help build.  God blesses those who give.  


I teach the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse on my podcast.  Please follow along with me in learning about God's sacred word daily.  Find the podcast by going to Google and searching Companion Chapel Podcast then you can choose your favorite listening platform.  The Spotify link is located at the top and bottom for easy access.


I also love to write a Christian blog about topics that interest me, questions given to me, and topics relating to God and todays society.   Please feel free to contact me and ask me a Biblical question that I can answer for you on my blog.  Press on the B or Q icon located at the top and bottom of this page for easy access to my Blog or Quora.