Companion Chapel
Worldwide Ministry

....  you are part of God's plan 

... repent simply means change of heart
...the angels rejoice when you turn to the Heavenly Father
... It is never too late to have a change of heart 
... forgiving doesn't mean forgetting , forgiving is for you
... pray for others you may not prefer means to humble and come to an understanding . Nothing is hidden , God is absolutely fair and rewards accordingly
... every soul will meet their maker 
... Your Heavenly Father Shall Wipe Away All Tears

Overcomer's are promised to be pillars in the Temple of God 
in the
Paradise of God 
A blessing of an inner peace beyond 
our present comprehension.
A peace through understanding,

The restoration of the habitation of peace.
Gods brings us New Jerusalem.
No guile, no malice, no fear entirety.
And GOD Shal Wipe Away All Tears

When you give to the Companion Chapel you are spreading the Word of God to untold people world wide .
Giving is recognized by the Lord as your Christian works .
God's ways of gain are by giving . 
Friend , give what you can and God will recompense two fold .
Acknowledge everything belongeth to God . He knows your heart . 
Give as per the gifts the Lord as given you .
Monetary or contribute to the Companion Chapel

You are family
Contact us  CompanionChapel
leave a prayer request
book a direct telephone call time
ask questions about the Bible
enjoy learning God's words 
enjoy the inner peace that only the love of Jesus offers

*You are special *You are loved        

You are being called



Watch Michael in days gone by.. I know the videos are rough. but I had to start somewhere.. Never give up maturing as Christians

Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry

     'a Canadian registered Non-profit Ministry'                                                                 938946-6.  

...'did you know your Heavenly Father loves you and is the source of all blessings . He wants your attention and recognition that everything belongs to Him . The Adversary's ways for gain are by taking . God's ways for gain are by giving.....'

...'please consider that even your pocket change donated goes directly to teaching God's words of love and compassion to untold people worldwide . God's blessings are your instant reward...'

Help Build

the Many Membered Body of our


....'did you know the Companion Chapel is a Canadian Federally registered non-profit Ministry?

This designation is your surety that all your much needed gratuities are applied to our mandate

           Companion Chapel is mandated to teach the Bible to anyone and everyone.    

-- Join us with the guarantee of Biblical literacy

- Come along as we enjoy exploring God's word in our evolving EzLearn style .

-Choose from several learning formats including podcast , blog post , archive video , asking questions direct via chat or email or member  privilege direct calling 

- Read along or listen as we make sense of every book line by line for those who have never picked up a Bible to those who are well versed .

- We read from the King James version of the Bible . We teach with careful reference to the oldest Manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible that contain the Massorah .


Michael with his beloved papillon 'LanaDelRey'

Michael's not so beloved trowel 'sore back'.

Hundreds of everyday questions are answered . Questions and answers from Holy Scripture that apply to us today as Individuals and as a collective . Comforting answers that apply from the kitchen table to the world stage.   

   Find comfort at our blog on Blogger. 


This is the Companion Chapel's home that GOD has allowed us all . This beautiful 77 acre piece of land on the Saugeen River is your new home . You have been called . Be part of forming a Christian community here . Trailers, Mobile Homes, Modified Shipping Containers, Stand alone buildings .Us together with God's direction and blessings with live in a place of completeness, safety, compassion and love for one an other , a place of peace . Our standard is God's Word . We all own it together . We are in need of nothing because with Christ  we have everything . Not a commune , but a Christian Community . Located #338 sideroad 28/29 Saugeen Shores Ontario Canada . You have nothing to lose and only your eternal soul to gain . It is God's gift . No rents, no lease, no fees . Contribute and build as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ .

So far there is 77acres on the river . 27 acres woodlot and the rest is tillable clay land . One drilled well 227' . 220 Hydro . One septic field .

Companion Chapel is a registered non-profit . We will build a Church for God and fulfil The Great Commission , broadcasting the love of Jesus worldwide . Call for details 1-(519)-591-5398 or e-mail


 Enjoy the Companion Chapel Blog . google search               

Michael has published 100's of Biblical answers to  questions for ten's of thousands of people . Go to and type Michael Reid in the search bar 

Listen and enjoy the Companion Chapel Podcast with Michael. Join me as I open the Bible in an easy to learn and enjoyable manner . google and click on your favourite podcast player . Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart Radio and many more . 

Your donations make this ministry possible .

Thank you and may God Bless You

  We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is serving, then serve; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully. "Romans 12:6–8