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Membership Types


This membership include a personal membership identification number and a monthly e-letter which contains topical studies, updates on Companion Chapel activities, how monetary, service, and goods donations are being utilized.


This includes the Many Membered Body Membership.  We also provide intercessory prayer upon request.  Provide us with a situation you would like this ministry to pray to God for.  Biblical advice in regards to addiction or demons and evil spirits.  In prayer we will request the attention of your personal Angel.  By supporting this Church you strengthen your prayers.  You tap into the universal companionship surrounded by innumerable Angels.  Heb 12:22


This includes the Personal Prayer Membership and six 20 minute phone calls regarding Spiritual direction (phone calls will be by appointment only).  Provide us with the details of what you would like to receive direction on and we personally contact you.


We are so happy that you decided to become part of the Companion Chapel Ministry.  Please fill out the membership form below to get started.  Once you have submitted your membership form you will receive an email from us to confirm you as a contact of our Ministry.  If it is not in your inbox please check your spam folder.  Please confirm your email with us so we can contact you directly.  Once we have confirmed payment we will be sending you a confirmation email with your username and Personal ID # which you also use as your password to access the monthly e-letter.   


Cheques or Money orders can be sent to:

Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry 99 Churchill Dr.
Cambridge, Ontario 

N1S 1S3

Companion Chapel is a registered Non-Profit  

 This guarantees you that your gratuities by Canadian Law go directly back into the Chapel.  

    As scripture informs us we all have a special gift from our Heavenly Father. By supporting  the  gathering of Christ's  Many  Member 'd Body you receive the same blessings as  the Chapel and any thereof.       

     Your inheritance from our Heavenly Father awaits. Do you know the conditions to meet to claim it?

                         Study and support us in any way and you will receive Your Inheritance         Eternal Inner Peace beyond our present comprehension .